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Tu: (too) language of origin, French: is the familiar "you," which                           demonstrates a certain closeness and informality. 
                        Like good Southerners say ya'll.

Country: rural as distinguished from urban areas 
                                     {prefers the country to the city}

Catering:  to provide a supply of food, to supply what is                                                 needed or desired
The best restaurant in town just became your dining room table, any night of the week!
Tu Country Catering ®   Oxford, MS  38655
Whether you are looking to throw a fabulous dinner party for you and your friends in the intimacy of your own home, special treats for a ladies high tea or luncheon, custom meals for you and your family for the week, a fully decked out grill-stravaganza or just wanting to eat something different and adventurous we can satiate your appetite.  Locally owned and operated in Oxford Mississippi, Tu Country Catering is led by Lee Craven, a 20 year restaurant veteran, Culinary Institute of America graduate, and award winning, and James Beard Foundation nominated chef who can make your culinary desires a reality.

Hassle free meals prepared fresh and professionally in your home from exclusively locally grown ingredients are just a click away.

Each meal or party platter from Tu Country Catering will be handcrafted in your home to your exact specifications and dietary needs or desires. 

Gluten Free? No problem.

Vegetarian? Got you covered.

 Low or No Sodium. You won't be able to tell the difference.

Paleo or Atkins? Bring on the meat-stravaganza. 

Zone?  Lean and exotic flavored proteins with garden fresh veggies. Handled.

Some crazy diet you made up yourself? Can do.

12 day grapefruit cleanse? You are on your own with that one.

Just want some hassle free, enticing entrees and sides?
 Done. Sit back and enjoy the tranquility. You earned it.

Throwing a business party at your house and need some WOW?
You are gonna look like a stress-free genius.

Ladies High Tea or Luncheon?
Show off the house and enjoy the company, not the cooking and cleaning.

Whatever your needs or desires are...we can accommodate. Just drop us a line through any of the contact menus on the side of each page for a free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you and helping to alleviate some stress from your hectic life.